May 11, 2016

Debate arises over sales and use funds


"Why have public officials if we don’t have a say?"

Washburn City Commissioner Keith Jacobson asked the question after the city’s request for all of 1 percent of sales tax funds to be put toward street projects was cut in half.

The city’s proposal was brought to the Sales Tax and Use committee, which moved in another direction.

"After discussion, (Carla) Bickert motioned to use 50 percent of community development funds for the project," City Auditor Joan Zimmerman said at the May 2 meeting.

"My concern is that we unanimously asked for that money, 100 percent, at our city commission meeting, and then sales and use decided they were only going to give us 50 percent," Jacobson said.

Jacobson said he didn’t understand why the committee was limiting money designated for a certain purpose.

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