January 14, 2010

District 8 Reps weigh in on Dorgan decision

By Alyssa Schafer, Editor

After serving the state of North Dakota for 30 years, U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan has decided to move on to other ventures. His work representing North Dakota in Washington D.C. ends this year, and a new politician will take his place. North Dakota Legislative District 8 Representatives say it’s important to recognize Dorgan’s years of public service and thank him for his time. While some believe losing a senior senator like Dorgan will hurt North Dakota, Republican District 8 Representatives Jeff Delzer and Dwight Wrangham see it as an opportunity for positive change. "This country is having some problems on the national level," Wrangham said. Wrangham believes the significance placed on congressional seniority is responsible for some of the problems in national politics today. He said he would like to see new faces in Congress because legislation should be passed or rejected based on the merit of the issue, not on the seniority of its sponsors.

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