August 27, 2009

Dogs, junk—the battle continues

By Karen Heinzen, BHG News Service

For the Wilton City Commission, two topics headlined the August monthly meeting—dogs and junk around town. Six concern forms were presented to the commission addressing various issues including dogs at large, dog waste, junk vehicles, campers, property and tall grass. Mayor Kyle Tschosik said the city is looking to enact two ordinances to help cover the increase in pet and property issues. "Dogs running loose, that’s a job for law enforcement. I don’t have jurisdiction, I can’t write out any tickets. Anybody know who’s dog it is, turn them in," he said, noting a leash law is currently in effect within city limits. The current first offense for animal at large, according to Tschosik, is $15 and $5 a day; a second offense is $30 and $10 a day. Should the city accept the suggested ordinance, the fine could climb to as much as $100 for a first offense. "I personally don’t have a problem with dogs. But these guys for some reason don’t think they have to be responsible for them," Tschosik said. "So now we have to make a law for everything. The residents need to enforce the leash law. It’s not up to me to report it. I think if enough people get tickets, maybe we’ll clear up. I don’t know what else to do anymore."

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