October 5, 2016

Eatery closes doors

The recently re-opened Lewis & Clark Cafe in downtown Washburn ceased operations last week, citing a lack of staff and need for community support.
The cafe, which re-launched in Nov. 2015 under new ownership, was out of operation for over a year before being purchased by current owner Wes Harmon. Wes’s wife Christina Harmon, who manages the cafe with her husband, said that they were forced to close for now until they can get things sorted out.
“There were times when we didn’t have anyone in here and it’s hard to run a business like that,” Christina said, adding that community support was vital for the small business.
Christina said that they were currently evaluating what hours to have the cafe open, emphasizing that it was important for both the business and the community to find the right schedule.
“We have tried opening earlier and no one comes in,” Christina said. “So we need to figure out what our hours should be.”

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