December 12, 2012

Elementary works to melt Grinch’s heart

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Most of you know about the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” He had a condition in which his heart was two sizes too small. With the help of Washburn elementary students, that problem may be corrected before Christmas arrives. Elementary teachers Kristi Jaeger and Jenesa Feist had a plan to “melt the Grinch’s heart.” They decided that instead of exchanging gifts in the classrooms, the students will be bringing in donations to give to the McLean Family Resource Center. Jaeger explained that the plan includes going off the “Above the Line” idea that the school practices by having students and staff catch someone showing kindness to another person. Those who are caught have their name written on a heart and placed on the Grinch, in order to help warm his heart. This also plays into the anti-bully plan as a way to do good to those around us.

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