March 7, 2012

Elvis, Cher to highlight Dollars for Scholars event

By Michael Johnson, Editor

If you were planning on taking a trip to Vegas  over the weekend, you were probably looking at a pretty hefty bill. Why not save your money and go to Washburn's biggest night on the town, the Washburn Dollars for Scholars Dinner Dance this Saturday. With stars like Elvis and Cher lighting up the stage, plates of food that will leave you satisfied and service from the fine students of Washburn High School, you'd be throwing away a great hand by going someplace else. The annual event is in its 16th year. The head decorator, Donna Gunderson, is planning to surprise the crowds again with a display that is sure to dazzle with all the lights and glitter that Vegas has to offer. Ticket sales ended Monday, but there's a good chance you can sweet talk some more tickets out of a Dollars for Scholars Board Member before the event starts.

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