November 4, 2010

Eye-opening trip to the Holy Land

By Michael Johnson, Editor

After seeing the burning bush on the mountain, Moses was never quite the same again. As Martin Boganowski returned from the Holy Land Oct. 15, he now reflects daily on the things he saw and the stories that came to life before his eyes. Boganowski was able to partake in a trip with 86 other people, all part of the Archdiocese of Bismarck. This trip was actually the climax to the centennial of the church. The main celebration for the centennial took place in June. But this trip, to the place where so much history is recorded, was something many only dream of. Going in, Boganowski said that he imagined everything to be spread far apart. He was surprised to find that in walking throughout the cities he was able to go to many of the places well known in the Bible with short walks. From Mt. Zion, the Dead Sea, Palestine, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and so much more, the groups were walked and bussed around the cities by guides who told them about the stories they may have read from the Bible and then proceeded to read the scripture relating to the place they stopped. "One of the moving moments for me was as we walked through a tunnel," Boganowski said. "You come out of this dim tunnel and here’s the city of Jerusalem before you."

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