December 6, 2017

Facility improvements prioritized

Playground improvements and structural repairs landed largely at the top of a list of possible projects that school board members ranked by importance before last week’s retreat last week.
During the Nov. 27 Washburn School board retreat, board member Kelly Jennings presented results of the survey conducted by the facilities committee, which asked the board to rank potential projects by priority.
“This was a survey (Superintendent Brad Rinas) sent out in October, with a list of different facilities and then asking for priority on it from one to five,” Jennings said. “Five was highest.”
“As you take a look, the bottom line is average of those that responded,” Jennings said. “If you look at survey, playground ranks as priority, as well as the roof.”
Repairing or redoing the upper playground basketball court placed first priority, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 on the survey. Replacing the roof over entrance three was second, with a new kitchen cooler and upper playground equipment and surface material third.
Jennings said projects in the Olde Gym seemed to fall in the middle of the project rankings, with the majority of the upgrades tied for fifth out of 11 total placements on the list.

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