July 9, 2014

Farm Rescue founder selected as money hero

By Cheryl McCormack

Farmers aren’t granted sick pay or a leave of absence from their job when the need strikes. So what is one to do when they are unable to work, due to a serious injury or illness?

That’s when Farm Rescue steps in and offers assistance. Farm Rescue is a nonprofit organization that provides planting, harvesting and haying assistance, free of charge, to farm families who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster.

They provide the necessary equipment and volunteer manpower to plant, harvest or hay the in-need family’s crop.

This spring alone, the organization assisted several area farmers who were dealing with unforeseen health issues.

Farm Rescue’s air seeder was allotted 6,000 acres to plant crops for families in need, divided amongst farmers across the upper Midwest, including Montana, Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas.

Of those allotted acres, Michael Moses had almost 700 acres seeded for him by the organization.

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