October 3, 2012

Final budget approved with additions

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Based on your tax payment last year, you can expect to pay an additional 4.62 percent on the Washburn city tax portion of your taxes. As explained at the budget approval meeting on Wednesday night, if you paid $100 in city taxes last year, you will pay about $104.62 in city taxes in the coming year.  The city portion of your taxes is about 8 percent of your total tax bill. That added 4.62 percent comes from an increase in the taxable evaluation in the area. Mills are unchanged from the 2012 budget, but a higher valuation means each mill is worth more. One mill is worth $3,193. There are about 75 mills levied. Overall, the commissioners saw total revenue coming in at $1.74 million. Total expenses were at $1.83 million. Adding on the levy made for a surplus of $29,205.49. Budgeted general revenue saw a 15 percent spike from last year’s budgeted amount with the expectation of large increases from state aid distribution, oil and gas production and the hope of selling $40,500 worth of lots in the city. Total general expenses budgeted increased by about 17 percent largely due to two large maintenance additions. A new grinder for sewage and a new sweeper payment added $50,000 each.

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