January 7, 2010

Final construction payment to be determined

By Alyssa Schafer, Editor

Now that there’s snow on the ground, summer construction is a distant memory for most. But for the City of Washburn and its residents, construction is still a hot topic, as a final payment for summer 2009 underground work comes due. If the original contract were to be honored, the final payment would be approximately $48,000, but several factors will most likely cause this figure to be adjusted. City officials, Dave Thompson of Toman Engineering and Northern Excavating representatives met on Dec. 21 to discuss payment for Northern Excavating’s work on the city’s water and sewer project. City officials want to make sure any and all problems with the project are addressed before the final payment goes through. "I think it was a pretty good meeting, but there are a couple of issues we need to check on," said Larry Thomas, City of Washburn public works superintendent. City workers were out checking manholes this week to make sure Northern Excavating grouted all the manholes’ pipes. Thomas said they have found one that was not grouted.

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