November 25, 2010

Find what you’ve been missing locally

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It’s estimated that 138 million people will rise out of bed the day after Thanksgiving to fight the crowds and get in on Black Friday deals this week. While many large stores in the bigger cities may see huge profits, the small businesses tucked away in small town North Dakota are often just as competitive and hope to see your business this holiday season. While residents in this region may have the convenience of living between two larger cities, it can be a tough battle for businesses as everyone becomes more and more mobile. Several of these businesses just off US Highway 83 get by thanks to local support. Several factors feed into the reason that so many shop out of the local base but there are some who would like to start a campaign to rediscover all that the local shopping experience has and will continue to offer. Underwood Economic and Community Developer Becky Bowen has mentioned the idea for a "shop-local campaign" that could form a network between McLean, Sheridan, Ward and Mercer counties to create opportunities for the customer base to grow in the small towns within those counties. "It will really involve a regional effort. There will be some brainstorming as to what we can all do to get people to shop locally," Bowen said.

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