March 22, 2017

Finding a place

As a veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anthony Bailey has tried for years to find ways to get through day to day life. He said his PTSD, along with other injuries sustained while deployed in Afghanistan, have left him exhausted.
“I had a bad breakdown in October,” Bailey said. “I was hurting and didn’t want to leave the house.”
After trying different types of counseling, Bailey said he finally found help in the form of a new four-legged companion.
“My doctor prescribed me a service dog and I felt so much better,” Bailey said. “I was really struggling, and now I’ve got her.”  
Spur, a 3-year old blue heeler/red heeler mix, is a certified service dog from Dickinson. She come home with Bailey about two weeks ago and hasn’t been far from his side since.
Bailey, who served 10 years overseas, said Spur helps him cope with things he isn’t ready to share with others, and that she keeps him going.

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