August 15, 2018

Fixing up fire hydrants

Wilton fire hydrants have turned red, white and blue this summer as part of an effort by city workers to brighten up the fixtures.
“They were in need of painting, so we looked into what we could do that would be different,” Mayor Leann Domonoske-Kellar said of the roughly 50 fire hydrants in Wilton.
Domonoske-Kellar and Auditor Pattie Solberg said they considered a few options before settling on a patriotic theme.
Just before the Fourth of July, the pair tested out a single fire hydrant across the street from city hall. They left the top bright red, painted the base blue and added some white vinyl stars in a single line around the middle.
After about a month, the feedback was unanimous -- locals wanted the patriotic hydrants all over the city.
The two women and a couple of city employees have been working their way through Wilton over the last couple of weeks turning the plain red hydrants into something special. As of last week, they estimated they were half way done, with most of the south side of town complete.
The group said the hydrants were just a small way of brightening up the city.

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