November 16, 2011

Flag retirement starts new tradition

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It became clear to the Wilton American Legion that the Wilton community cares about the symbol of freedom when on Saturday morning they had three boxes of American flags to retire. While the garbage truck comes around every week, locals knew well enough that the flag is too proud of an emblem to dispose of improperly. “That tells me while some considered (the damaged flag) to be garbage others thought of it as a keepsake,” Legion Commander Fred Schauer said. Schauer led the formal ceremony of retiring the flags with other members of the Legion, Bill Pulley, Marvin Dockter, Dennis DeVault and Harry Kassian displaying the color guard. National Guard member Zach Landis, who is on active duty, was also on hand to help with the ceremony. Schauer spoke of the flag and all that it symbolizes. With each retired flag, the flames rose higher. With each flag, Schauer saluted those who served in each of the battles. He also showed reverence to the flag as a symbol of our country and everything that made it good. “Without freedom there is no honor and without honor we are not Americans,” Schauer said.

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