October 21, 2014

Following in his father’s footsteps

By Cheryl McCormack

Wet conditions this fall made for a longer than average harvest season and many farmers found themselves in a rat race to the finish line.

While Dwight and Elaine "Curley" Enockson were trying to find answers to the tough questions – Is it too wet to combine? Is the crop spoiled? Will the combine ever be parked in the shed for the winter? – an overseas farmhand was feeling at-home in their extra bedroom, and ready to work in a moment’s notice.

Twenty-one-year-old Erik Knutsson has been lending a hand at the family’s farm near Washburn since the beginning of September.

"I ran out of things to do back home and had the urge to travel, so I did," he said.

The "home" he is referring to is a 1,200 acre farm near Helsingborg, Sweden. Erik said, "It’s a medium-sized farm compared to our neighbors – an area smaller than this place."

Dwight said he recently received a Facebook message from Erik’s mom, Christina, asking if he had anything for her son to do.

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