May 29, 2013

For God, country and family

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Monday morning was a time of remembrance and pride in Washburn. The pride of everyone man, woman and child couldn’t help but swell inside of everyone as the Washburn High School band performed a series of chest pounding tunes. The ringing bells, blasting trumpets and vibrant cymbals was enough to awaken anyone to hear the words of the American Legion members speak of those who have served and still serve our fine country. Post Commander Dewayne Moran led the ceremony by welcoming in the crowds on a cool, wet and cloudy Memorial Day morning. Historical readings were performed by Washburn students McKenzie Miller and Brett Schreiner. A song by the Washburn elementary students in attendance reminded folks what it means to be a good citizen. Moran introduced the keynote speaker, Vernon Laning, who addressed several aspects of the significance of Memorial Day in a clear concise voice for all to hear.

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