July 23, 2014

Foster parenting

By Cheryl McCormack

Biological...Adoptive...Foster...Step...It’s not the word before parent that defines, but rather the love and dedication in their heart.

Dakota Central Social Services is in need of foster families in the four counties they serve – McLean, Mercer, Oliver and Sheridan.

Dan Foster, supervisor of child welfare services, said, "If there is anything you could do to spend your time here on earth, this would be it. (A foster parent) impacts the world for the better and I can’t think of anything more substantive."

Licensed Social Worker Jenna Lahr agreed with Foster and described what she said she feels is the most rewarding part of being a foster parent.

"Getting to see kids develop and grow, going through the ups and downs with them and just being supportive."

Foster said, "Along with the social workers, you become a highly valued part of our team working with that child. We appreciate our foster parents."

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