August 1, 2012

Freedom Fitness returning to Washburn

By Michael Johnson, Editor

If you’ve found you’ve added a few inches around the waist since the fitness center closed in Washburn, here’s some good news. The Freedom Fitness Center is set to reopen in Washburn in late August. Kayla Sweeney, who currently operates a daycare out of the building that is shared with First District Health, recently put up posters in the windows of the building announcing that Freedom Fitness was coming soon. Sweeney decided she would no longer provide daycare services effective Aug. 17. Sweeney came to realize that the original venture of Freedom Fitness that opened in the same location in September of 2005, was actually the job she would prefer having. While she recognizes that Washburn needs a daycare, she’s ready to provide fitness opportunities that Washburn also needs. “I have chosen not to continue daycare,” Sweeney said. The building that houses the center was remodeled into its current state in 2004 by Kayla’s dad, Lowell Rader. All of the equipment that was used in the original fitness center will come out of storage to be used again. The equipment is the Pace brand, which is hydraulic piston  resistance. That means, “You get what you put into it,” Sweeney said.

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