May 7, 2009

From seven to 70

By Danielle Abbott

Nearly 85 years ago, women would secure their formal hats and slide on their delicate gloves. They would make their way into town for study club meetings, where they could gather with friends on an academic and friendly level. Going strong for so long, the Washburn Study Club is still in full swing. The group now meets at the library, and works to enlighten members along with bringing together friends and loved ones for a warm-hearted gathering. For the past 20 years, the club has been sponsoring their annual pie social. It began with a mere seven pies, baked and brought to the social gathering as a way to raise money for the library. For years the social has continued to grow and the annual event has taken off, spreading far beyond the walls of the library. On May 1, the study club members gathered with approximately 70 pies. The members brought the pies to the First Lutheran Church, where they were cut and individually boxed. This year, along with the social, pies were dropped off at individual businesses, insuring that every hungry resident received their slice of pie. The day before, volunteers made their way throughout the community with sign up sheets. People were able to select the type of pie that they wanted delivered. On Friday, the pies had been arranged and boxed with forks. "It’s easy for people to eat and enjoy them, without having a kitchen," said volunteer Judy Beaudry.

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