December 30, 2015

Garbage contract up


Waste Management has picked up its last load of trash from the city and is now on its way out of Washburn, taking its signature green bins with.

Waste Management made its last round around town on Tuesday, collecting their totes from the roadside so Circle Sanitation could come in and replace them with their own. Circle Sanitation President and CEO Dan Ruby said that if residents don’t have their new, gray tote by Wednesday, Dec. 30, to contact the company office. Other than the bins changing, Ruby said not much would be changing for residents, especially since the weekly pick-up day would continue to be Tuesday, making for a smooth transition for everyone.

"I kept the service to residents on the same day they are accustomed to so unless they experienced problems with the previous hauler I hope the most noticeable changes will be a different color tote to use and red dumpsters at the businesses," Ruby said.

Ruby said that if anyone does have questions, his local staff is readily available to answer them.

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