May 22, 2013

Gates opened for Washburn grads

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Washburn will feel a big impact after a class of 24 amazing youth commenced their high school schooling and went on to use their education to steer their future. The graduates were honored for their achievements Sunday at the Washburn School graduation. Addressing the students and audience first was salutatorian Layne Pfliiger. Layne wrote her address in rhyme form and began by quoting the king of rhymes, Dr. Seuss. Layne spoke of the great achievements of the class and asked the audience for a “HURRAH!” The crowds erupted in cheers and claps for a very talented group. Layne gave her classmates advice on living productive lives as adults out of school, reminding them to look after their neighbors. In closing she addressed the whole class, saying that this was their day to shine.

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