July 17, 2013

Give blood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

When is the last time you had an opportunity to save a life? Taking time away from work to get a small prick in the arm may seem like an inconvenient thing on a certain level, but giving blood can have life-saving results for someone somewhere. Pete Von Bank was busy calling folks in the Washburn area last week to bring in a big crowd to the United Blood Services Blood Drive at the Washburn Memorial Building. He became involved in the blood drive about 10 years ago when interest started to fall off. He realized that people needed to be called and called again in order to get them to give blood. To be considered a successful drive, Von Bank said they needed to have 27 of the 48 give blood. That might seem like a low figure, but it can be a tough gig. By the end of the day they had about 40, which was great. “That’s a great drive,” according to Travis Dressler, a donor recruiter with the United Blood Services. “It’s a valuable thing we are doing,” Von Bank said. Very valuable, according to  Dressler.

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