May 8, 2013

Giving a part of me to you

By April Baumgarten, BHG News Service

Hazen resident Karmen Boehm knew there was a reason she met David Spitzer, 50, in college. She just didn’t know what it was until two months ago. But the reason became clear when she gave 66 percent of her liver to the Wilton man. “I thought about it and God put him in that class,” she said. The life-long friends went under the knife together and now they are a part of each other. How I met my donor: The two went to North Dakota State College of Science after high school. Karmen, 50, knew his brother and sister for four years. “Here this chatty guy sits next to me in a computer programming class,” she said. David was going to school as an auto-mechanic, she said, adding she always had a connection to the Spitzers. “We were best friends for years,” he said.

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