March 12, 2009

'Goodies from the heart' offers more than just a satisfied stomach

By Danielle Abbott

All too often in this world, people become busy with their own needs and wants, and through the process of busy days, hectic careers and packed calendars, many people seldom take a moment to step back and realize the situations of those around them. The Women of the Church group with the First Lutheran Church in Washburn want to make sure that no one’s pains are suffered alone, that no cold winter is spent without the pleasant grace of a friend and that no hungry stomach is left empty of wondrous, homemade goodies. The tradition started more than 15 years ago, as a way to give back to the community and show that they care, through a bake and take. Today, this tradition has transformed into the annual tradition of ‘goodies from the heart’. Every year at the end of March, the women of the Lutheran church make their way to the kitchen to show off their most impressive recipes and most desired baked goods. The women then bring their goodies to the church’s basement, where they are set out in massive display. This year, five women, Carol Kuball, Barbara Brewster, Deb Wisdom, Brenda Krebsbach and Kathy Keller were the first to arrive. They carefully unwrapped the treats and passed out towering stacks of paper plates. From there, the plates, pans, dishes and platters of tasty treats were divided up among an approximated 60 plates. The most that the group has completed in one year is approximately 75. The individual assortments of homemade wonders were to be wrapped and delivered.

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