May 5, 2011

Grass infield coming soon

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The baseball field located on the school district property in Washburn is about to get a lot greener, thanks to the dreams of many baseball fans in town. A grass infield committee has been raising funds for the installation of a grass infield and they are finally close enough to begin the project. Todd Schreiner, a member of the grass infield committee, accepted yet another large donation from a community group to help pay for the work last week. The Washburn Alum Association decided that the funds that they had would go to good use to make the baseball park a more attractive and tournament-friendly site. Their $3,400 check is in addition to $10,000 that was committed by the Washburn American Legion Post 12 and $5,000 that the school district committed. Upgrading to a grass infield means the location could be used in larger tournaments, making Washburn a better location for games. To Schreiner, Washburn has a tradition of having successful teams in Legion, high school, Pee Wee, Little League, T-Ball and amateur baseball programs. So, it was an important move to invest in the program that to some will always be America’s game.

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