January 9, 2013

Great travel partners

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The letters that Ray and Peggy Wicklander used to write to each other when they were in their early 20s surely spoke of the longing to be closer to each other. But with Ray off flying planes over enemy territory in the South Pacific and Peggy at home in Washburn, there was little they could do but write about what the other was missing. But when Ray was granted the opportunity to take some leave, you can bet those two made the effort to be close to each other. Ray remembers it as such: “I returned to San Diego from my first tour of duty in the South Pacific and was granted two weeks leave over Christmas. I went back to Washburn and on the day before returning to duty, I got up the nerve to ask Peggy to marry me. “Her response was ‘yes, yes, yes.’” Ray and Peggy had been seeing each other while going to school together in Washburn. She was just a year behind him. “I thought she looked like a pretty nice girl,” Ray recalled.

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