November 2, 2016

Group planning community Thanksgiving

In an effort to bring the community together and help those in need, a local group is hosting an open-door Thanksgiving in Washburn this year.
“It was something that was done by the Methodist church in the nineties,” Laura Gardner said. “Our group, Labor of Love, felt that the timing was right to start doing it again.”
Gardner, who, along with Heather Seidler, founded Labor of Love about five years ago, said that the event would welcome those in need, along with simply wanting to enjoy a meal with other community members.
“This is something we want to open up to anyone and everyone,” Gardner said. “Not just those who are financially strapped, but those who don’t have family in town or just aren’t up for cooking.”
Gardner said the group was holding the dinner at the First Lutheran Church on Thanksgiving Day from 1-2:30 p.m., but will also be delivering meals to some residents around town and the Sheriff’s Office.
“We’ll share meals with those in the jail and those who are working,” Gardner said, adding that they would also bring food to anyone working in local gas stations or businesses that can’t be home for the holiday.

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