July 18, 2018

Growing throughout the generations

“Let it grow.”
Yard of the week winner Deb Wisdom has kept those words close as she tries different varieties of flowers each year.
Deb has been perfecting her yard just outside of Washburn for 28 years now. She says she loves it here since she has more room than her previous home in Steele.
“I learned about gardening from my mother,” Deb said, looking at her flower pots near the front door. “My former neighbor also taught me so much.”
Taking what Deb learned from her mother, she has now transformed her yard with six flower beds and around
25 flowerpots. She has taken her knowledge and passed it down to her daughter, who she helps garden at her house.
One of Deb’s more common plants are her lilac bushes, which line her fence in the backyard. Her variety of lilac is called boomerang, as they bloom multiple times a season.

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