April 2, 2014

Gunderson working on Cloud 9


Have you ever been to a fairy tale wedding reception? The minute you walk into the ballroom, you are greeted with sparkling lights, glittery streamers and immaculate centerpieces illuminating every table.

The bride, looking very much like "Cinderella," walks into the room with her handsome groom and they are beaming from ear to ear.

With the help of their fairy godmother, this couple was able to begin their journey into happily-ever-after with a smile on their faces. If this beautiful wedding was in Washburn, the fairy godmother I am referring to was more than likely Donna Gunderson.

Donna is the proud owner of Cloud 9, a local business that specializes in wedding and event planning. A native of Washburn, she’s lived in the area most of her life.

She grew up in Washburn, moved away for 20 years, but returned in 1985.

Wedding planning actually started out as a hobby of hers, with Donna volunteering her expertise to friends and family.

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