August 20, 2009

Hager withdraws city commission resignation

By Alyssa Schafer

Commissioner Hager had a change of heart last week and rejoined the city commission, just three days after resigning during the Aug. 10 meeting. The commission met Friday afternoon to discuss the specifics of Hager’s reinstatement. According to League of Cities protocol, even though the note was read aloud during the Aug. 10 meeting, Hager has the right to withdraw his resignation because the commission did not act on it formally. City Attorney David Lindell said Hager has every right to serve out his elected term. "We have someone who was elected to the position, and it’s better to have the commissioners ride out their terms, even if something doesn’t go their way in a meeting or something like that," Lindell said. Hager resigned after a tense 3-2 defeat of a motion he introduced during an Aug. 10 city commission meeting.


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