March 30, 2017

Have gun, will travel

BHG News
Packing heat could be the new motto of residents across the state.
A new law, signed by Gov. Doug Burgum, last week, lets citizens carry a concealed weapon if they meet the eligibility requirements for a Class 2 concealed weapons license and have possessed a valid North Dakota driver’s license or ID card for at least a year.
With the constitutional carry law in place, North Dakota citizens who are legally allowed to carry a gun will no longer have to prove to the government that they can do so.
State Sen. Armstrong, R-Dickinson, is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He’s also one of the sponsors of the bill. State Rep. Porter, R-Mandan, is chairman of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The two issued a joint statement following the bill’s signing.
“We trust that law-abiding North Dakotans are capable of knowing the laws, understanding that they meet the qualifications to carry and being informed about gun safety,” they said.

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