January 22, 2014

Heavy foot = heavy fines

By Jill Denning Gackle
BHG News

Years ago, Washburn was known as a speed trap. Travelers on Hwy. 83 knew to keep a watchful eye on the speedometer while driving through Washburn.

Now, a speed trap doesn’t have to be set. The sheer volume of traffic is increasing the city’s revenue share.

Washburn city commissioners learned Jan. 14 that 824 tickets resulted in $21,930 in revenue for the city, 154 percent more than a year ago.

Auditor Milissa Price told the city commission Jan. 14 the reason is simple: "It’s more traffic on (Hwy.) 83." She said, "We all know that when you go to pull out."

Speeding or other traffic ticket violations make their way into the city coffers when the violation is within the city limits. City Judge Lauren Hunze said most of the violations are for speeding.

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