April 6, 2016

History for sale


Not a single person was willing to fork over even pocket change for a wood grain elevator that was up for auction last week.

The elevator was one of about 20 items Falkirk Mining Company had auctioned off, or attempted to, at the April 1 sale. Auctioneer Spencer Seidler of SJ Auction Service started the bids for the elevator at $50, but quickly found out that no one was willing to take on the gigantic building, even for a couple of dollars.

"We asked for $5 and no one took it," Seidler said.

Most of the other items were snatched up by the small crowd of about a dozen people, who gathered on the rural lot south of Underwood. Doug Stoltz, of Falkirk Mining Company, said the property was purchased by the company several years ago for mining, but that this particular plot wouldn’t be mined on. Stoltz said he didn’t like to see waste, so the items were put up for auction in hopes that they would be utilized again.

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