November 15, 2017

Hitting a crescendo

When Dustin Moe started teaching music at Washburn Public School seven years ago, the high school choir took up two sets of risers, with room to spare. This year, four sets of risers will be overflowing with students who are part of the school’s rapidly-growing chorus.
“The choir program is booming,” Washburn Public School Superintendent Brad Rinas said at a recent school board meeting. Rinas referenced the number of students taking part in choir in recent years, with figures more than doubling since 2010.
“In 2010-11, there were 19 choir students in 7-12 grade choir,” Rinas said. “This year, there are 54.”
The suspected reason behind the rapidly-growing program? The school’s choir and elementary band teacher, Dustin Moe, who started teaching in Washburn in 2010.
“The choir numbers have gone up dramatically in the time that Mr. Moe has been here,” Rinas said. “I know that he is very positive with students, that he spends a great deal of time before and after school developing his program, and that he promotes music involvement with elementary students.”
Rinas said many students are aware that fine art classes are beneficial when applying for college admission and scholarships, but that doesn’t fully explain the recent jump in participation in choir.

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