April 23, 2014

Home renovation vs. city ordinance


The renovation of the house located at 120 Whitman Ave. was the Wilton commissioners’ main focus at the meeting April 16.

The owners of the property, Timothy Frantz and Lana Murdock, were not present at the meeting.

Their house has received a face lift. However, the garage built on the property doesn’t abide by the covenants in place, which state "an erected building has to be similar to the existing structure."

The existing house on the property was resided with sage-green siding, running horizontally. The garage recently built on the property has dark brown siding, running vertically.

With the covenants clearly in place, the board faced a dilemma.

Many commissioners said they feel the property looks better than it did prior to the renovations, but the work wasn’t done the correct way.

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