February 6, 2013

Hot water trucking

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Since the hot water pumping system became operational at the Great River Energy Stanton Station in October, the line for hot water has been fairly consistent. On Monday, a line of about six trucks formed awaiting to load up on thousands of gallons of 125 degree water, destined for the oil fields. Stanton Station Generation engineer II Brandon Hoggarth said the station sees from 150 to 200 trucks a day when there are steady orders. It’s the hope of the cooperative effort between Great River Energy, SBG and Headwaters Inc., that the same will be true when the pumps start up at the Coal Creek Station in Underwood. According to Great River Energy’s ND communications supervisor Lyndon Anderson, Coal Creek Station has completed the construction of the pipeline infrastructure that will send Missouri River water through a series of pipes that will heat the water using waste heat. They are currently waiting for the market to dictate their need to start pumping.

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