December 30, 2010

Ice-covered highway leads to accidents, arrests, deportation

By Michael Johnson


A one-vehicle rollover Monday morning south of mile marker 118 between Washburn and Wilton led to a 36-year-old woman being injured when her door came open. During the roll-over the driver door opened and the woman’s leg was pinned between the door and the vehicle when rescue crews arrived. The woman, Christina Blizzard, who was traveling from the Rugby area back to Colorado Springs, Colo., was taken to Bismarck where she was treated for an injured leg and foot. She was wearing her seat belt. Wilton Ambulance, Wilton Fire, Washburn Rescue, Metro Ambulance, McLean County Sheriff’s Department, Washburn Auto Body and the North Dakota Highway Patrol were on scene. Washburn Rescue was paged to help extricate the woman from the vehicle. At the same time another vehicle went into the ditch about a mile north of that accident. The McLean County Sheriffs Department and Washburn Auto Body were on the scene to help remove that vehicle from the ditch.


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