April 25, 2012

Interim manager in place at Falkirk Elevator

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Falkirk Farmers Elevator has a new interim manager in place after the resignation of manager Ron Hefta. The news is a step forward for the co-op that just two weeks ago had to put the brakes on the merger between Falkirk Farmers Elevator and Hazen Farmers Elevator with CHS/Garrison Farmers Union Elevator due to discrepancies in a voluntary investigation. Art Perdue is the interim manager for Falkirk Farmers Elevator. He retired from Enerbase of Minot in 2009 but was asked by the Falkirk board of directors if he would step in at this time of need.
Falkirk officials released a message on their Web site, which gave further news for producers in the area regarding receiving product for the planting season. “We have negotiated a rental agreement with Enerbase on the agronomy facilities including NH3, dry fertilizer, seed, and chemicals. Enerbase will be able to supply you with any of these products. Sorry for all of the inconvenience.” Patrons of Falkirk Farmers Elevator and Hazen Elevator will be able to re-buy product through Enerbase, a fact that producers are having trouble swallowing at the time. Not because they are dealing with Enerbase, but they are forced to pay for their product twice. At this time, they are unable to get their prepaid items through Falkirk Farmers Elevator or Hazen Elevator. Producers are coming in to Enerbase and buying, said Enerbase Agronomy manager Darrell Scheresky. Tuesday morning's  heavy traffic was clear that it was prime time to get the product and go.

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