November 9, 2011

Interior storage face lift pending for Wilton

By Brenda L. Schaefer, BHG News Service

Celebrations and assorted events held at Wilton’s Memorial Hall have brought people from the community and across the nation together for many years. Everything from weddings to Pheasants Forever, Delta Waterfowl, Fall Fest and Lions and American Legion meetings have filled the hall with music, dancing, laughter, discussion, and social interaction. Given that several updates to the heating and air conditioning, the roof, and some electrical issues have been made, Wilton Commissioners are finding that storage has become an issue. During the Oct. 19 meeting commissioners agreed to send out letters to all entities using Memorial Hall to see if a solution could be found. At the Nov. 2 meeting six individuals, representing the Legion, the Lions, the Tae Kwon Do class, and Pheasants Forever joined commissioners to brainstorm ideas. Commissioners explained that both the Legion and the Lions had approved locked cabinets to store items in the hall, but the commissioners wanted input on some of the other issues. Bauer mentioned that Women of Wilton might also be using some of the Lions space, but it wasn’t an issue.

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