September 19, 2012

Internet could get boost at school

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Recent internet connectivity concerns have Washburn School board members looking at a possible upgrade for the school’s internet access points. A bid of about $32,000 would be the cost for significant infrastructure additions to the school’s network. With new iPads and iPods in place and new netbooks coming on, the need for speed also increases as most devices are used to view large files like videos. “We’ve added a lot of internet access,” school superintendent Brad Rinas said. “And it’s going to continue.” If the project gets the OK, the new equipment may be able to be installed during the Christmas break. It isn’t expected to take over four weeks to install. The school had to move ahead with new switches on the network at the start of the school year when issues arose. The fear was that with new equipment coming online, the issues may arise again. Rinas said he would go ahead with getting more information on another bid to see what other options are available.

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