July 15, 2010

Interpretive Center expansion will surprise

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Deep in the basement of the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center lie hundreds of artifacts from the area that only a handful of people have had the pleasure of viewing. Kevin Kirkey, the Center’s archive and research associate, relishes over the stories that each of the handmade objects has to tell. But without more room, it’s difficult to show the world of these findings. "We’re hurting for some organization and space," Kirkey said. His eyes shine with excitement over the books filled with information of the journey, beadwork handmade by the Mandan and Hidatsa tribes, and the guns of Prince Maximilian. He’s as excited as the other staff members to see the center closer to an expansion because it will not only allow for more space to show off the many artifacts, but it will create more opportunities for the center to connect the dots of history for years to come for young and old. "I’m really excited," vice president Wendy Spencer said about the opportunity to expand.

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