May 30, 2012

Interpretive Center to celebrate 15 years

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The settlers that stumbled upon the great piece of land now called Washburn, incorporated that pretty place in 1882. Ninety years later, the history of the  travelers, Lewis and Clark, was brought to one place for new travelers to learn their story at Fort Mandan. Today, forty years later, that place is still telling the story. Another part of the story and so many more from that era and beyond have been shared through the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center just up the road from Fort Mandan. This week, the center celebrates 15 years as a non-profit foundation sharing the history of this rich area. That's a major goal to accomplish, according to Lewis & Clark Fort Mandan Foundation vice president Wendy Spencer. “Being  a non-profit, anytime you can celebrate a milestone like that is a great thing,” Spencer said. Spencer went on to say that many non-profits are suffering from cutbacks and are unable to continue growing at this time. But the foundation continues to grow and, in fact, is in the first steps of a major expansion project. While the project is behind the original schedule, it appears things are starting to move forward. Excavators made room for new footings to go in last week and then things should start rising up on the back side of the original building. The new construction is expected to be complete next March.

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