February 11, 2015

Introducing...Head librarian Liz Patterson

By Cheryl McCormack

If you've stopped by the Washburn Public Library anytime in the last month or so, chances are you've been greeted with a smile and a warm "hello" from the "cute blonde" working behind the counter and amidst the book shelves.

Liz Patterson was recently hired to take on the position vacated by head librarian Julie Petersen, who retired last November.

As the new head librarian, Patterson is responsible for maintaining the collection of books shared through the McLean-Mercer Regional Library. As a small library in one of the two counties, the Washburn Public Library receives a new rotation of books from the regional library each month. Books may also be requested from the Central Dakota Library Network, which is affiliated with the Bismarck Public Library.

Aside from keeping track of the coming and going of all of the books, the head librarian must weed out the old and bring in the new, ensuring members have good quality books to read.

Because of the high demand for public access computers at the library, technology upkeep is also an important part of her job.

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