February 22, 2012

Investors ready to move on Heritage Heights

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Interest in Heritage Heights lots is clear as several investment opportunities came up during the last regular meeting of the Washburn City Commission. What city commissioners will approve of is still undecided. Mary Ellen Parker, a local realtor with Keller Williams, has the lots listed for sale for $13,500 per lot plus the cost of specials would be collected from each lot, as directed by the Washburn city commissioners. Parker was in attendance as well as Mike Nelson of Mike Nelson Realty and Miles Gradin of Century 21 Morrison. One person was interested in buying a lot that had a smaller lot next to it. They were hoping to get a drop in the price of the lot. The commissioners were not opposed to the idea, since it was a triangular section that would be difficult to build on. Commissioner Duane Bauer suggested that the lot would also make for a nice park in the division, which other commissioners also agreed on. Commissioner Ray Hager said he would like to visit with the person to see what their intentions were of building on the lot.

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