December 23, 2010

Kindergarten class lends Helping Hands

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Like a row of soldiers marching to the aid of others, the kindergarten class from Washburn Elementary trudged through the snow to Farmers Security Bank on Thursday with a large jar filled with money. They were one of many groups that felt the tug on their shoulders to help those in need. For the past four months the students have been bringing in loose change and dollars to toss into the jar. Each handful seemed insignificant. Together the coins and bills added up to a lot. Enough to help several families have a better Christmas.  When asked how much they thought was in the jar, the kindergarteners’ answers varied wildly. Noah Olson thought maybe $26. Luke Smith figured there had to be $50.26. When all added up there was $140 in change alone. In all, the students brought in $173.56.The amount wowed the students and members of the Helping Hands committee.

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