March 21, 2018

Korgel: Washburn residents letting properties go

The list of delinquent taxpayers in McLean County is expected to grow significantly in the next several years, with Washburn residents reporting that they will be letting their properties go to collections.
“There’s an interesting thing that is going to be appearing in the near future,” County Auditor Les Korgel stated at the March 7 McLean County Commission meeting, while presenting the current list of delinquent taxpayers. “We’re going to start seeing some names of people who own property in the city of Washburn.”
Korgel said he’s seen a sudden influx of residents of the county seat city coming into his office to advise that they can’t afford to pay their taxes.
“Roughly estimating, we’ve had about 12 people come in and say they are letting their lots go back because of special assessments,” Korgel said.
Korgel said one resident was assessed around $200,000 in specials, to be paid out over a 20-year period.
“We have one person who owns a trailer court that they put a special where his annual payment is over $10,000 bucks, just for that special,” Korgel said.

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