April 2, 2009

Krause, McQuade donate water to school in need

By Danielle Abbott

In school you learn that up to 60 percent of the human body is made up of water, and that the human body requires about eight classes of water a day to survive. So what happens when the water available in the city, and schools is undrinkable? Well in Washburn, that is the time that people open their hearts and give selflessly. The Washburn school was faced with this exact situation last week, when the city issued a boil order, due to the turbidity of the drinking water coming from the Missouri River. Water fountains are covered in plastic to fend off thirsty students, and the school has begun using paper and Styrofoam plates and cups. "It is unfortunate, because of the environmental impact, but nevertheless, that is what we have to do," said Washburn superintendent Brad Rinas. The school’s kitchen staff was also feeling the impact, because the dishwasher does not get hot enough to be used during the boil order. In this difficult situation, and obvious time of need some very generous people came forward to fix the school’s situation. From the help of Krause’s SuperValu in Washburn, and McQuade Distributing from Bismarck, no Washburn student or staff has had to go home thirsty during the boil order. "The big thing that is constant throughout the day is the kids being able to drink water. We had some bottled water brought in and Krause’s donated a pallet of water right away," Rinas said. The pallet, approximately 60 cases, is being kept at the Super Valu store, and when the school begins to run short, the staff goes to the store to load up on cases.

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