September 24, 2015

Kroll joins Washburn city commission

By Alyssa Meier

The Washburn City Commission has appointed a new city commissioner. Noelle Kroll took her oath of office and then a seat next to her fellow commissioners on Sept. 15 at Washburn City Hall.

Kroll, the director of Disaster Emergency Services for the city, expressed interest to the commission and city auditor Joan Zimmerman in the form of an email earlier this month. At the beginning of last week’s meeting, the commission briefly discussed the matter before making a motion to appoint Kroll to the vacant seat left when Larry Thomas was elected to the position of President of the Commission.

Kroll and her peers discussed and voted on agenda matters for the remainder of the meeting, including a request from Patty Schulz for de-annexation of her property north of Highway 83. The commission approved the request after a few words and a motion from Thomas.

"Personally, I guess I would be for de-annexation. … I know you’ll never sell it," Thomas said. "I’m going to make a motion to proceed with the de-annexation request."

Kollin Syverson approached the board in regard to delayed payments from Zurich North America Insurance Company, who represents Quam Construction. Several homes received sewer damage the end of May as a result of a poor sewer connection, and residents are now waiting to hear back from Zurich.

"I think everybody knows why I’m here again … I’m inquiring as to what’s been done with the contractors and insurance company as far as payments and getting things moving," Syverson said.

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