July 9, 2014

Last American Highway

By Cheryl McCormack

"Some people want to spend their two-week vacation on the beach. I want to spend mine on the open road.

"But it’s more than the beautiful topography. It’s the people living along the way, and the forgotten history one finds along Highway 83 that I hope will make this the greatest journey of my life."

Author Stew Magnuson describes his journey, which was spread out over two separate two-week trips, along Hwy. 83 in his recently released book, "Last American Highway: A Journey Through Time Down U.S. Route 83: The Dakotas."

The book is the first release in the Highway 83 Chronicles trilogy.

Magnuson is working on the other two books, which will be titled the same, minus "The Dakotas." He is currently penning the second edition, Nebraska-Kansas-Oklahoma, which will be followed by the last leg of his trip, Texas.

Whatever provoked a Washington D.C. - based journalist to travel a road that runs 1,885 miles from the Canadian border to the southern-most tip of Texas...a highway so far away from his home in Arlington, Va.?

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